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Summary of the Zimmerman Trial

The panel of six anonymous women, which have been sequestered as this emotionally-charged trial heads into its third week, will be relied on to deliver a verdict that could send George Zimmerman to prison on a second-degree charge. George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer charged in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, is claiming he shot in self-defense and pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.

The case so far has taken unexpected twists and turns, with conflicting testimonies marring and undermining the prosecution’s case against Zimmerman. Many legal experts and commentators have criticized the prosecution’s ability to put forward a stronger case and for fumbling and mishandling opportunities to show that Zimmerman was prejudiced and unjustly took the law into his own hands. Many advocacy groups have argued that Zimmerman irresponsibly and without just cause, criminally profiled the teenager because of his race and attire, and was never under direct threat from the slayed teenager. Martin’s killing in February 2012 unleashed an intense debate on issues of racial profiling, equal justice, gun laws and self-defense.

Edward Prutschi was an expert legal guest on CTV News to discuss this hot legal and sociopolitical case. Mr. Prutschi discusses how quickly the trial unfolded and progressed, especially on the defense’s side, which bode well for Zimmerman’s legal team. When Zimmerman exercised his right to silence and elected to not take the stand, Mr. Prutschi argues that it was a telltale sign that the defense was confident about their case. Mr. Prutschi discusses the gap in the prosecution and defense’s presentation of evidence in the court trial, and why the defense has the upper-hand. Before the closing arguments wrap up, Mr. Prutschi argues that the prosecution may shift their focus and try to get Zimmerman convicted on manslaughter charge while backing away somewhat from the second-degree murder charge.

Listen to the rest of Mr. Prutschi’s – a Toronto Criminal Lawyers – CTV News media appearance and what he has to say about the Trayvon Martin case by clicking the link below.

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