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For over 30 years, the lawyers at Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman have earned a reputation as tenacious criminal defense lawyers who have proudly served Guelph and the surrounding communities in the Greater Toronto Area. We have been counted on time-and-time again to handle difficult criminal cases, and have successfully defended our clients against the powers of the State, who mobilize resources to see offenders convicted. To neutralize the power of these forces, we bring a wealth of expertise and proven strategies that will help maximize your chances to succeed in a criminal trial

As a boutique criminal law firm, BSB strictly specializes in criminal litigation. As staunch believers in honing and perfecting our practice in all areas of criminal law, we do not offer legal services beyond our niche. Our commitment to only focusing on criminal litigation has galvanized our reputation as one of the premier criminal law firm in Toronto.  In the courtroom, we champion a passionate style of criminal legal defense that aims to capitalize on every legally available opportunity to bolster your case. We know that a criminal charge will send shock-waves in your life, and well provide clarity and direction during this difficult time while zealously fighting for you to bring about a best outcome ruling with support and compassion.

At BSB we take pride by bringing the best-case rulings for our clients.  Contact us to get yourself the best legal defense team in Guelph and Ontario.

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