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About Bytensky Shikhman Barristers

Bytensky Shikhman Barristers
Toronto Criminal Law Firm

Bytensky Shikhman Criminal Lawyers is a boutique law firm focusing on providing expert representation to individuals and corporations charged with criminal offences.

The criminal lawyers of BSB possess a wealth of experience in the criminal justice system conducting trials and appeals at every level of court in Ontario and at the Supreme Court of Canada. Our criminal lawyers in Toronto have even been sought out by clients outside of Ontario to represent them on cases of particular complexity or importance in other Provinces.

The partners at the firm are deeply committed to criminal law and the justice system as a whole. Both are involved in educational events for lawyers and teach trial practice skills at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Criminal Lawyers With Over 50+ Years of Experience Between Our Partners

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    Our Trial Practice

    The lawyers of Bytensky Shikhman Barristers have successfully conducted hundreds of trials. We have extensive experience defending many clients facing a very wide range of criminal charges from allegations as minor as shoplifting to charges as serious as murder. Included within this broad category are various property offences, frauds, drug offences, assaults, domestic assaults, sexual assaults, impaired driving, along with many other types of offences.

    In Canada, every charge in the Criminal Code will be prosecuted either summarily or by indictment. Depending on the charge, the prosecution will have discretion about the mode of trial. If the Crown elects to proceed by indictment, the defence then has an option of a mode of trial (trial in the Ontario of Justice, trial in the Superior Court of Justice before a Judge or before a Judge and Jury).

    Which mode of trial we recommend for each case will depend on many complex and competing interests. The lawyers at Bytensky  Shikhman Barristers have extensive experience with all modes of trial at both levels of court and we will discuss the pros and cons of each choice in great detail with our clients before settling on the particular strategy that is most appropriate for their unique set of circumstances.


    our strength and our key

    Our Lawyers!

    We are a team experienced criminal lawyers ready to stand for you in court and challenge the evidence of the police and the complainants.

    Get 1 Hour Consultation

    Are you struggling and need help from a criminal lawyer? One quick phone call and we can get started on your case.

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      “ We will answer you within 24 hours via email, or you can call us directly, we are always ready to serve. ”

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      Our Appeal Practice

      If you have been found guilty of a criminal offence, Bytensky Shikhman Barristers can help you appeal that decision and to attempt to get your conviction overturned. Our team of lawyers have experience with applications for bail pending appeal, summary conviction appeals to the Superior Court of Justice, indictable appeals to the Ontario Court of Appeal, and appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada. Bytensky Shikhman criminal lawyers are often sought out by other counsel who feel that their clients have been unjustly convicted at the trial level. Our lawyers can also assist you in appeals to reduce your sentence.

      At the same time, it should be noted that mounting an appeal is a complicated task as the law affords great deference to a decision of a Trial Judge. As such, we will realistically and dispassionately advise our clients of the likely chances of success so that the client can make a fully informed decision if they wish to engage in a significant legal expense of an appeal.

      IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT TIMING: The law places strict time limits on the filing of most types of appeals (often 30 days or less) so you are urged to arrange an appointment with us as soon as possible after a conviction.

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      The Justice System and Our Approach

      In our Justice System a person can be charged pursuant to any offence in the Criminal Code of Canada. The Criminal Code provides definitions of the types of conduct that constitutes a criminal offence. It also sets out the range of punishment that may be imposed for an offence if found guilty. In addition, the Criminal Code sets out the specific procedures to be followed by the prosecution and the permissible Orders that can be made by a Judge.

      The Canadian Justice system is based around British “common law” traditions. However, it is a combination of both common law and civil law. The common law portion means that the laws are not written down in statute, but rather exist through legal precedents – referred to as case law.

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      Our Lawyers In The Media

      The partners and lawyers at Bytensky Shikhman Barristers are regularly called upon by the media to provide commentary and legal opinion. Mr. Bytensky and Ms. Shikhman are the official legal analysts for CTV News and Newstalk 1010.

      Sonya Ctv News

      Sonya Shikhman at CTV NEWS

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      What Clients Say About Us?

      When you hire our firm to manage your case, you have hired a team of legal advocates who care, who will keep you informed, who will fight for you

      Marya Mohamed
      Marya Mohamed
      Ms. Sonya is just an absolute incredible lawyer. I would say the best. We worked with her for my brother’s bail. Where we were scared and full of anxiety, she made everything just so simple and easy for us. She got bailed him out and everything worked out perfectly. Felt really comfortable with her because she made ensure we are comfortable. Her work I would say is amazingly exceptional. Thank goodness for her and her whole team!
      Hussain Chaudry
      Hussain Chaudry
      Great team
      Gurkirat Rai
      Gurkirat Rai
      Spoke with Mr. Boris on the phone, with respect to a appeal And I got to say he's a very honest professional individual, very unique in nature. He will tell you straight up if you have grounds of appeal or merits. If you will win or lose. Great personality to work with, someone who cares about Justice over money. Thank you
      Sabrina Conliffe
      Sabrina Conliffe
      Brittany Smith is a very professional and hard-working lawyer. She dealt with my case quickly and effectively. Also, she explained everything along the way. Everyone should have this type of lawyer in their corner. Thank you very much!
      Danielle West
      Danielle West
      A family member of mine used Ms. Shikhman as their lawyer. From the beginning of the process, she was absolutely fierce in looking after his interests. She secured the most reasonable bail conditions that we were told by other lawyers would be impossible to get. After a complicated long trial we got a “NOT GUILTY” from the jury! We could not be more grateful for all of her hard work.
      Brittany Smith is more than an excellent Criminal Lawyer! She put all her effort on my case, days and nights. I can’t thank you enough Brittany. You nailed it..
      Sonya is an excellent lawyer who provided the best outcome for my case. I consulted with many lawyers before deciding to work with Sonya. She is honest, professional and delivers on her word.
      Chris Gove
      Chris Gove
      Very knowledgeable and easy to reach.
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