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At Bytensky  Shikhman Criminal Law Firm we understand that paying for a criminal defence lawyer is never something families have budgeted for. It is also an expense that seems incredibly unfair – after all, if you are innocent of the charges, why should you have to pay thousands of dollars to defend yourself?

The unfortunate reality is that facing a criminal charge is a lot like being diagnosed with a serious illness. It may not be your fault. You may have done nothing wrong. But you still want to hire an experienced doctor you can to treat that illness. If you are interested in how to select a criminal lawyer see this article.

Our firm generally works on a block fee basis rather than on an hourly rate. You will meet with one of our criminal lawyers to have an initial interview where he or she will review your case and discuss early plans for your defence. At the end of that meeting, your lawyer will quote you a block fee for all their services including attending court for your trial. This fee varies substantially depending on the seriousness of the charge, the estimated length of time it will take to resolve, and the seniority of the particular lawyer assigned to handle your case.

Our firm has found that clients very much appreciate the block fee arrangement rather than being quoted enormous hourly rates with unpredictable timelines. With a block fee you can accurately budget for your legal expenses without any nasty surprises at the end of the month. You can also feel comfortable calling your assigned criminal lawyer as many times as necessary to have things explained to you or to ask questions – you are not ‘on the clock’ and will not be charged extra for these calls. If you want read more about Our Philosophy for Criminal Defence check this article.

A Word to Referring Lawyers

A substantial part of our practice comes by way of referral from other legal professionals. As a lawyer, you can feel comfortable referring your clients to Bytensky  Shikhman for expert criminal law advice and assistance without worrying about losing that client’s corporate/commercial or other work to another firm.

Experienced legal representation can be expensive. Much like other professionals, high quality criminal defence lawyers command significant fees for the important work that they do. However, Bytensky  Shikhman recognizes that very few people have the financial capacity to pay thousands of dollars up front for their defence. With six lawyers at various levels of experience, we have the flexibility to offer an outstanding defence while maximizing the value of your legal investment. At your initial client meeting, your lawyer will work out a payment plan that fits your needs and your budget. BSB Criminal Law Firm accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express to further assist you when paying your legal fees.

A Word to Clients With Non-Criminal Legal Questions

At BSB Criminal Law Firm, our lawyers have spent their careers honing their skills in criminal defense law and we restrict our practice to criminal litigation.

If you require assistance in another area of law, we would be happy to make a referral to an experienced colleague in the field of law you require. Our partners and associates frequently work with talented lawyers in all areas of law including: personal injury, family, corporate / commercial, real estate, employment, immigration, and intellectual property.

Why Hire Bytensky  Shikhman Criminal Law Firm?

Times are tough and criminal legal fees are an extraordinary expense that no one budgets for.  These factors have led to an increasing number of people trying to represent themselves in criminal courts across the country. The criminal lawyers at Bytensky  Shikhman understand and sympathize with the financial challenges facing our clients.  But we are also here to remind you of the serious risks you take when you try to act as your own lawyer in a criminal case.  Even for minor charges, the stakes are extremely high.

A criminal charge affects your reputation, your job, your immigration status, your ability to travel, and your family, and the impact can be permanent. A recent study of hundreds of people who attempted to deal with their legal matters on their own shows widespread fear, frustration and dissatisfaction. Don’t learn too late what our experienced lawyers already know: hiring a professional to represent you on a criminal charge is an investment in your future. Our firm will work with you to make reasonable payment options available. Don’t become a statistic in the next study about ineffective self-representation. Make a great decision. Hire BSB.

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