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YFS president-elect cleared of violating spending rules

YFS president-elect cleared of violating spending rules

Canadian Jewish News, December 18. 2003

By: Frances Kraft

Paul Cooper and his slate of candidates for student government, the first ever to be endorsed by Hillel at York University, have been cleared of allegations they violated campaign spending rules. Cooper, who ran for president of the York Student Federation (YFS), swept last month’s elections, with his 31-member Progress Not Politics (PNP) slate winning 27 seats.

The results are not official until they are ratified by the outgoing YFS council, which was set to take place Dec. 15. The ratification was expected after the YFS elections committee ruled that Cooper’s campaign literature expenses represented fair market value. Three committee members voted in Cooper’s favour, and one abstained.

The decision was released last Monday afternoon, Dec. 8, after a nine-hour hearing four days earlier. Three candidates had filed complaints before the election campaign was over. “We fully expect our slate to be ratified, presuming there’s no appeal,” said Edward Prutschi, legal counsel to the PNP slate.

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