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Supreme Court of Canada Decision and how it affects Aboriginal Law

Edward Prutschi discusses an important Supreme Court of Canada decision that will greatly impact all legal cases involving Aboriginal offenders.

Edward Prutschi takes time out to talk to Jim Richards on CFRB NewsTalk 1010 about an important Supreme Court of Canada decision that will have serious ramifications for legal cases that involve Aboriginal offenders. The Supreme Court has reinforced an earlier decision that the courts must consider and actively factor-in the unique situation of Aboriginal peoples before rendering a decision. Previously, this decision was generally upheld by the courts for lesser crimes involving Aboriginal offenders but the Supreme Court wants it upheld across-the-board including charges that are classified as serious.

Are you a member of the indigenous community who is charged with a crime? We are here to ensure that your aboriginal rights are upheld, that your unique situation is highlighted in your criminal case and the systemic pressure of a discriminatory system are neutralized. As a member of a Canadian indigenous community, there is no criminal law firm in Toronto and Ontario that will fight as hard for you. We take great pride in defending Aboriginals who are charged with criminal offenses, and deal with all criminal charges in a prudent and compassionate manner.  Widely recognized as a highly experienced and strong criminal law firm, we are on the front-line of criminal defence for Aboriginals in Canada.

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