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Police Charge Grandmother in Milton who left grandson in hot car

Leslie McDonald, an Ontario woman residing in Milton, was charged with criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessities of life after leaving her grandson in a hot car. The one-year-old toddler died from heat exposure after being left in the car for an ‘extended period of time.’ McDonald faces life in prison for the charge.

The boy, Maximus Huyskens, had been in the care of his maternal grandmother when he died of heat stroke late last month.  In Edmonton, a three-year-old girl was found in her parents SUV in medical distress last week, and later succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. In Canada, police have handled each case differently in cases where children were left in cars with scorching hot temperatures, and have laid a variety of charges from child abandonment to manslaughter.

Edward Prutschi was an expert legal guest on CFRB NewsTalk1010 to discuss this unfortunate and alarming summer trend. He discusses that often with these cases, the intention of the parent or guardian is highly scrutinized in a criminal trial and during a police investigation. By taking such a hardline and laying a maximum charge, Mr. Prutschi speculates that the police may be sending a strong message to the public that leaving your children in a hot car is a serious criminal act. Click on the podcast to listen to Mr. Prutschi discuss this case and topic in general at greater lengths.

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