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Israel-Palestine, Canadian Bail System & Re-Calibration of Canada’s Landlord and Tenant Laws

Israel-Palestine, Canadian Bail System & Re-Calibration of Canada’s Landlord and Tenant Laws

Edward Prutschi, the media legal analyst for NewsTalk1010, was in a roundtable discussion with Jerry Agar and Chris Stockwell to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian situation. The combustible situation in the Middle East can also hit close to home, as Edward Prutschi found out on his morning drive. In his neighborhood, two acts of hate crimes were on full display: a bus stop was marked with Swastikas and an Islamic center was also vandalized with inciting graffiti. Furthermore, some demonstrations have inflamed tensions between various Canadian communities, such as openly waving Hamas flags.

Mr. Prutschi says that while he sympathizes and deeply respects the position of people who are concerned about the plight of Palestinians and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, there is a fundamental break from these groups to ones who are demonstrably anti-Jewish and / or pro-Hamas, a known and banned terrorist organization in Canada’s criminal code. Mr. Prutschi says that even within the Jewish and Israeli community, there are many who frequently object to decisions of a given Israeli government, as a pluralistic democracy Israel affords all people the opportunity to voice their dissent. But this position is a fundamental distinction to all racist and anti-Jewish rhetoric, and should be unequivocally condemned. From a legal standpoint, Mr. Prutschi says that supporting a designated terrorist organization such as Hamas could draw serious legal ramifications under Canada’s Criminal Code.

The panel then goes on to discuss numerous other issues including the shameful Canadian bail system and a re-calibration of Canada’s Landlord and Tenant laws.

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