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Child Responsible for Death of 6-year-old; CTV Special

Boris Bytensky was part of a special on one of Canada’s youngest murderers


The child believed to be responsible for the fatal assault on Lee Bonneau is too young to be charged under Canada’s Criminal Code. Police have disclosed that the boy was known to them and to local social service workers, although in what capacity or to what extent was not made clear. The boy is currently in the care of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Social Services and will undergo treatment. Boris Bytensky says that the crux of this rehabilitation regime would be to try to rectify the anti-social behaviour of this young man with the hopes of later reintroducing him into society so that he can positively contribute.

After the chilling details of the homicide came to light, many have speculated and tried to pinpoint the root causes of the murder.  Advocacy groups point that a faltering First Nations child welfare system is partly to blame for this tragic event. They argue that special care and attention is not being given to vulnerable First Nation communities, and their special circumstances are not being considered. Special attention has been paid to the living conditions on the reserves and how that endangers the health and safety of the children. Reserve communities in Canada have a pitiful lack of social programs to help deal with a young and growing demographic, advocacy groups have long argued.

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